Monday, February 6, 2012

The Parallels of the Baseball Season and Owning a Hotel in Lake George

Pitchers and catchers break for spring training in two weeks or just about the time that we begin renovations on our new poolside family rooms.  This got me thinking about the parallels between the baseball season and the season in Lake George.  Both ballclubs and seasonal hotels begin preparing for the hot days of summer during the cold days of winter (usually after the Superbowl).  Each new season seems endless and the possibilities for success seem infinite.  The memories of past failures are wiped away by the winter's hiatus.  We add new staff, much like a ballclub adds new players.  As the spring fades, the days grow longer and the new season is on. Before we know it, the kids are out of school, the phones are ringing and we are off to the races without respite.   Each day brings with it a new set of challenges, people and fun.  Then, just about the time when we feel that the marathon-like nature of the business will devour us, an end comes into view.  The days grow shorter.   Night comes at 8 rather than 9.  The first cool mornings touch our faces and we realize that soon it will be time to drain the pipes, put the tarp on the field and call it another season.  But that day in 2012 is far off and I am TREMENDOUSLY excited about this season. I hope that you will join us and get as excited about Summer 2012 as I am!

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