Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter(less) Carnival

It might be time to call winter 2011-2012 a dud.  The snow is missing in action and I continue to wear a sweatshirt outside.   But fear not you lovers of the frost, the Lake George Winter Carnival is back.  We tend to think of Lake George as purely a May through September destination but there is lots to do in the winter.  Moreover, the unseasonably warm weather makes for an enjoyable outdoors experience for those of us who loathe the cold.  Even if you do not stay the night at one of our fine lodging establishments (the Motel Montreal is not open this winter), make sure to save a day for the winter carnival this February.  Take advantage of the warm weather and get in the car, head on up the Northway to Exit 21, park your car on Canada Street and walk around the village.  Even if the lake is not frozen over, there is lots to do and, if you can, stay until 6:30 and see the fireworks on Saturday night.  You can check out the Winter Carnival schedule and activities here.  

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