Friday, April 6, 2012

Cognitive Dissonance and Sugarloaf Reggae Fest 2012

Mother Nature is officially messing with us.  Two weeks ago, the Lake George weather was perfect and the team at the Motel Montreal was thinking summer.  Spring had sprung and winter, what there was of it in Lake George, was a fading memory.  The weather lulled the Motel Montreal team into a a false sense of confidence but, low and behold, the wintery weather returned.

The return of the cold weather got us thinking about the goings on at our sister property, the Herbert Hotel in Kingfield, Maine (website here).  The Herbert Hotel is located in the western mountains of Maine, about 12 miles from Sugarloaf Mountain ski resort.  For those in the know, spring skiing is an unrivaled exercise in cognitive dissonance as you race down a snow covered mountain in Bermuda shorts.  To this end, next weekend (April 12th through 15th) marks the annual unofficial end of the ski season at Sugarloaf marked by the annual Reggae Fest (more info here), a celebration of the cognitive dissonance that is spring skiing set to a live Reggae soundtrack.   So, if anyone is interested in a Western Maine adventure next weekend, grab your skis and some patchouli oil and give our sister property a call at (207) 265-2000.

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