Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green

We had a busy winter upgrading and renovating the Motel Montreal.  We transformed ten poolside family rooms, added furniture (pictures to come later this week), improved the poolside sundeck and the list goes on.  Perhaps the most extensive change was the introduction of our Green Initiative at the Motel Montreal.  One night, we sat down and discussed what we, as a team, could do to make the hotel and Lake George a little more environmentally friendly and here are some of the changes that you will see in 2012:

  1. Replaced ten inefficient air conditioning and heating units with newer, more efficient units
  2. Replaced ten televisions with energy star rated flat screen televisions
  3. Placed a front loading washing machine into service
  4. Replaced wrapped disposable cups with washable, reusable tumblers 
  5. Replaced styrofoam coffee cups with paper cups
  6. Switched from oil to natural gas for heating hot water in one of the buildings
  7. Replaced remaining incandescent bulbs with CFLs
  8. Designed a guestroom insert to improve guest awareness of the Green Initiative at the Motel Montreal
  9. Placed recycling bins in each hotel room and condo

Designing and implementing the Green Initiative at the Motel Montreal was fun and I was amazed at the number of low cost changes that we were able to implement.  So, in 2012, our guests will return to better rooms, a nicer pool and a more environmentally friendly hotel in Lake George.  We welcome any comments about additional ways that we can make the hotel greener.  

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